Time for Emotional Healing

What better time to begin healing ~ than “NOW.”

We often hold emotions inside, such as grief, shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear, to name a few. When we hold on to these emotions, they tend to fester inside, ultimately leading to anger, frustration, withdrawal, and self-sabotage. Holding on to emotional pain can also have an effect on the physical body.

We have all been faced with these feelings at one time or another. Still, it is essential to acknowledge and understand that it’s perfectly normal, given your challenging or life-altering circumstances. You may ask yourself, “Why has this happened to me?” or “How could I have allowed this to happen?”  or simply, “Why me?”  Well ~ it’s all part of human nature and human life experiences. We all encounter loss, we all make mistakes, and we all can get ourselves into different life situations without knowing how to navigate our way through or out.

Under any of these circumstances ~ you lose your personal power and become “stuck” while holding onto the emotions mentioned above. You may experience elevated emotions and an increase or decrease in your energy. You may even experience physical pain. You may find it difficult to forgive others, therefore keeping your distance. Then there are feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem, which causes overreacting. The list can go on and on.

“NOW” is the time to heal and take back your power!

 One day at a time, one step at a time, you must be gentle and patient with yourself ~ as healing is a journey and a process. There is no measure of volume, time, or space, as each of us, as an individual, has a different situation that we may have experienced.

Begin to understand and acknowledge the scope of your situation without judgment. Just “be” and allow yourself to feel your emotions. All of them! In other words, “Surrender” to what is. Find stillness and listen to your higher self, for all that comes from within you ~ will guide you.

Understand that your feelings are impulses or imprints based on your beliefs. There is no truth or facts that need to be addressed. Just honor your emotions, again, without judgment. Once you identify your emotions, you can set realistic goals, allowing your mind to expand within. That’s where your infinite power is.

Emotional healing helps us move beyond and rise above our circumstances. It creates awareness of emotional reactions and allows us to express our feelings. It takes conscious action to begin emotional healing so that you can assemble all the broken parts into one complete whole.

You can heal emotionally from the inside out as you peel back layers of each emotional trigger. You move closer toward recovery when you heal from old familiar patterns of hurt and disappointments, followed by acceptance and awareness. Your soul liberates itself from the emotional blockages and debris you’ve been holding on to ~ and moves you toward peace and well-being. It’s about tending to your inner energetic strength. Know that your past experiences are not to be seen as limitations, for they are the experiences you grow from.

“ You won’t find peace by hiding behind the pain of your emotions.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

** If you feel as if you need assistance with your journey ~ reach out and seek help! You are not alone!

2 thoughts on “Time for Emotional Healing

  1. Marguerite Reply

    Thank you for your inspirational words as after 12 wonderful and blessed years with my partner, he informed me he loved me, but had deep feelings for his high school girlfriend of years ago. He left and in the few phone conversations we had he blamed me for everything and said he wanted an exciting and adventurous life with her. He became increasingly hostile which I had never experienced with him. We are not kids. We are in our 60’s. It’s been very emotionally difficult but I am healing slowly. I just don’t know why or how this happened as we were so happy up until March 9. You have kept me going. Thank you

    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Marguerite,
      You’re so very welcome ~ and I humbly thank you for your kind sentiments ~
      Please remember that healing is a process ~ and takes time. Be gentle and patient with yourself ~ every single day.
      One day at at time ~
      Blessed Be ~
      Grace and Gratitude Always ~
      Dr. Jill Lee ~

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