Time is a Gift

You’ve often heard people speak about the importance of time, and so it is ~ important! There’s a famous song “Time is my side,” ~ but is it really?

Unlike a clock that sits on a shelf, which is only to be used as a gauge of time…where you may hear the sound of “tick tock” or a bell chiming, you may see the second hand moving, and the hours changing., you cannot truly see time, even though you know it’s there. We see the sun rise and set but what’s between that space-time of something and nothing?

Time is so valuable, yet so unforgiving. It moves at its own pace; not standing still or waiting for anyone. And with that being said, lost time can never be recovered. Missed moments are gone forever. Time doesn’t have a “rewind” button ~ so we can only learn from what may have lost or missed, and become aware, for better times ahead.

It’s “time” that brings you the opportunity to make changes in your life, where needed. Changes that can bring about new opportunities, and defining moments. Moments for you to capture, cherish and hold close in your heart bank.

Yes ~ we are often moving at such a fast pace without paying much attention to the value of our time, and without often realizing that we do have control of how we manage our time. So how do we go about becoming more mindful?  Here are a few tips:

  • Make a “to do” list.
  • Prioritize your list.
  • Set goals.
  • Create a “timeline” for your goals.
  • Use a daily reminder, such as a calendar.

Remember that time cannot be contained, but for only the memories. It’s as much about paying attention as it is managing how you choose to use your time. So use “time” to realize your passions and execute your desires. Now is your time.  Stop ~  pause ~ breathe ~ then evaluate your “time.”

There are spaces between day and night ~
Spaces between something and nothing ~
Sometimes we need to throw away our “day plans” and embrace uncertainty ~
Push through doubt ~ and honor the time and space between what is ~ and what is not

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~


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