What You Allow, Will Always Continue

What you allow is what will continue in your life, seems to be a simple concept to identify with; however it’s not always an easy concept to address. Through all of our relationships, personal and professional and with all the people we encounter in our lives, we are able to see and experience different behavior patterns. We try to surround ourselves and develop those relationships with those that are kind and loving; those who think much the same as we do. That’s a nice scenario ~ right? Well, you know as well as I do, that that’s not always the case. There may come a time when these conflicts may cause you to make the most difficult choices you have ever had to make.

Often we become comfortable in certain situations or relationships because it may be easier to just grit our teeth and accept what is. There are other times when you may become frustrated with a situation, and conflict arises. You walk away and say “Oh.. That’s just how she/he is” or, on the flip side, you walk away sad, hurt, and with a bruised heart. You may even make an excuse for how you are being treated. You fall victim to these toxic behavior patterns, by allowing their negative behavior and energy to become infested in your mind, disrupting your inner-peace.

Examine and measure what you tolerate. Then decide at what point do you stop allowing others to take advantage of your kindness, your good nature, and your generosity? Be in charge of what you want, and who you allow in your life. Sometimes you have to step back, detach your emotions and let others take responsibility for their own negative actions. We don’t have control over others, but we do have control over the life within ourselves, as well as our choices. We can choose not to engage in other people’s negativity,

Be reminded that we teach others how to treat us, by what we accept or allow. Ask yourself… “What needs to stop? What needs to change? Does this work for me? Does it serve my well-being?” Be reminded of your self-worth and you will regain your self-respect, as well as the respect of others.

Don’t fall victim to the behavior of others ~ you always have a choice ~
~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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