What’s Behind Your Self-Created Barriers?

We sometimes hide behind a shield or a self- created barrier; not allowing anyone or anything to touch us. Not ever wanting to be hurt. We use these mental walls or barriers to block out thoughts that we may feel are not manageable. Thinking we have complete control and that we are protected or safe from any hurt or heartbreak. Well, life just doesn’t work that way. Life situations have the “know how” to sneak in through the back door, when we least expect it. We just never know from one moment to the next what may come our way or what challenges we may encounter.

Self-image and self-esteem issues can cause you to hide behind these barriers while, not allowing you to face your fears or situations, and only separating you from life and enjoying it. Learn to know and love your fate, whatever it may be. Most often there is a lesson to be learned and a path to be cleared. No experience is ever wasted.

In life situations, you don’t often see the hidden message. The only way to hear or see those messages is for you to remove those barriers and let the mystery of life in. What’s hiding behind your self-created barriers? What are you afraid to see or hear? Are there hidden emotions? Are there old wounds that need to be healed? Do you have misconceptions? Are you worried about what others may think? While all of these wonders go unanswered, you are missing out on living your life. Illusion and separation must be replaced with clarity and openness.

Perhaps you need to free yourself from other people’s expectations of you and start being who you are. Uncover your personal treasures layer by layer. Take those unexpected thoughts and emotions that go right up into your head and hide out there, and expose them. Become open enough to hear life’s messages. Your mind can think and process things that separate you from reality and isolation. When you feel something tugging at you, find your interior silence, stop and pay attention. Don’t hide. Find the courage to ask what lies in the bottom of your heart.

Give special attention to your emotions, as they hold great power. Although emotions come from your heart, sometimes they’re right in front of your eyes and in front of your mind. Life has its own flow and its own logic. It’s your responsibility to see how it works for you and how you can connect with each experience openly. Find that understanding and there are your rewards in life.

Open your heart and your mind. Don’t allow yourself to be held captive behind self-created barriers.
~ Jill Lee ~

3 thoughts on “What’s Behind Your Self-Created Barriers?

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Sher,
      I am so glad you find this article helpful.
      As for timing? Time is always right when we are wanting to create a better life for ourselves.

      Stay Blessed
      Warmest Regards,

  1. Tara Reply

    You continue to radiate with warmth and passion in everything you write.
    Thank you

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