When Life Happens

It’s human nature to live our daily lives on auto-pilot. We wake up in the morning, often with an agenda to begin our day. But sometimes, challenging situations present themselves. And there, at that very moment, you find yourself in a quandary. What now?

Know that life often has a flow of its own. It unfolds without reason or logic, regardless of structure, routine, or habits. And you can spend unlimited time looking for answers, asking, “Why?” But what happens when you don’t have the answers you’re looking for? Do you become angry, frustrated, or disappointed? Perhaps you experience episodes of depression, causing you to become disengaged. No one is exempt from life-altering changes.

Change can often be difficult as well as challenging, especially when unplanned. It can be difficult, even when it is planned. So don’t second guess yourself; instead ~ ask… “What will life look like when I change my direction?” or “What does life look like
when I walk a new path?”

Know that whatever situation may arise,  there’s a corresponding force of nature in charge. We must trust that there is a superior or greater intelligence at work.

You need to realize that “Life is not necessarily happening to you, but perhaps it’s happening “FOR you.”

Whatever comes your way, good or not so good, is all designed to help you grow and expand your consciousness. You’ve heard the saying that “everything happens for a reason.” Although it may seem unfair or even painful, the key is to move through the situation, perhaps shifting your vision and taking a new direction, possibly seeing the bigger picture. Amazing opportunities and even miracles await you when you believe that things do happen for you and not to you.

It’s important to be aware of what’s happening. Have faith that things will work out as they should be, maybe not quite the way you had planned, and maybe not according to your agenda.

The path you walk and the choices you make now belong to you. And moving forward is not so much about the “why” as it is about the “how. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Change is inevitable. But how you accept and surrender to that change makes a difference in the outcome. There is a great source of wisdom, power, and strength that resides within, be still ~ and listen. 

“Prayers are always answered ~ not always in the way they’re expected ~ but always in the way they’re meant to be.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~


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