Where is Your Inner Peace?

Ask yourself ~

When peace and serenity are absent, where do I feel it first?

When peace and serenity are present, where do I feel it first?

The world we live in is loud and noisy. It’s so easy to get lost or wrapped up in life’s challenges and daily tasks; we may forget how beautiful it is to bask in divine serenity, our sanctuary for inner peace. Know that peace is not necessarily a physical place; but more of a mental space. A space where you can release negative thoughts as well as mental debris. A space where you set time for positive intentions and wise choices. A space where you reset and soften your words, allowing them to become kind and compassionate. A space where you find forgiveness, not only for others but yourself. These moments alone will bring you pure, sweet serenity. I know we would all enjoy peace from the chaos in our lives and be able to release all the emotional debris cluttering our minds; while banishing distractions, busyness, and stress. I do believe that we would also like to empty our minds of preconceptions and false beliefs.  Make time for stillness and moments of quiet, for there is where you will find peace amid chaos, which begins in that space between our ears. Our existence needs peace of mind, for this internal space is where calm, quiet, and tranquility reside.  Allow this time to become your daily practice. As you bask in moments of stillness, you will get to know the deepest part of your inner self. You will then be able to clear away any distractions and engage yourself in the luxury of just being. There is where you will find your “Inner-Peace.”

“Inner peace will come to those who find stillness through life’s turbulence ~ and whose heart will remain calm amid life’s chaos.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~      

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