Words Matter

The sound that presses through your lips called “words” carries such power. Your words spoken are more than just elements of speech; they are active vibrations, coming from your voice box that transmits a powerful energy force. Those words are consumed and absorbed by others. They can have a lingering effect, and not be easily forgotten. You’ve all heard the phrase “Think before you speak”. Your words matter!

Words are a deliberate act of sound, although not always coming from a conscious place. There are times when one is so overwhelmed or absorbed with “self”; that they may be unaware of the impact their words have and the true messages they carry. You have the ability to change an entire relationship, in a matter of moments; by simply being mindful of the words you speak.

Soft words imply and deliver gentleness and kindness while harsh words generate anger and bitterness. Your words can soothe and comfort, or destroy and harm. They can be humiliating or humbling, healing or hindering. Your words have the power to enter the hearts and minds of others. It’s often been said that “the mouth is an entrance to the heart, as well as the exit.”

When communicating with others, always speak with mindfulness and show compassion. Know that there is as much importance to what you say, as to how you say it. Let this be part of your character. It’s one of the most powerful forces of humanity. Remember that your words will live in the hearts and minds others, for a very long time. Once spoken, you can’t retract.

Be mindful and use your words deliberately ~ in a way ~ that delivers kindness 
Never let harsh words pass through your lips.
~ Jill Lee ~

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