Yoga.. It’s Not Only for Your Body

Your physical health is connected to your mental and emotional state of being. Good health starts with the mind and flows into the body. It’s about discipline, commitment and practice. Your mind, such a powerful tool, has tremendous flexibility and can be easily trained. Listen and pay attention to the things you tell yourself, because it all starts there, and you are in control.

Working towards a healthier “YOU” involves tapping into and integrating your physical, intellectual and emotional intelligence. You can exercise your body; build your muscles, to become more physically fit. But where does that leave your mind? How do you feel after you have a rigorous exercise workout? You may feel energized, or you may feel fatigued. What about your mindset? What about your breath? Do you have that connection?

With yoga practice, it all starts with the “breath” and the “mind”. It’s the inner work of connecting to your heart center, and moving with your breath. It’s a mental practice that promotes mindfulness.

Yes, there are so many physical benefits you can achieve by practicing yoga. It helps build your strength and flexibility and creates balance. You can tone your body and build endurance. Your posture improves, and you can lower your risk of osteoporosis. Then there are the benefits to your internal organs. Yoga helps with your digestive system and improves blood flow to the brain. It contributes to the change in your metabolism and also promotes weight loss.

The most significant advantage of a consistent yoga practice is to the mind. Yes, yoga promotes mindfulness. . It helps remove disturbances and quiets destructive chatter. It’s a form of meditation, even though you are moving your body. It’s all about the connection between the two. During your practice, you learn how to breathe, and it’s that breath that can take you to a place of calm. When you can purposefully find calm, and create those moments of stillness, your body will automatically slow down and move in a direct and purposeful manner. The poses are secondary and with practice and time you will perfect them.

A calm mind will keep your ego in check, and allow you to be present in the “now” because that’s all you have. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not yet happened. All you have is “now.” When your mind is calm, you have a better outlook on life. You have clarity. With yoga, there is a strong connection between mind and body and it can improve the way you think, creating emotional well-being.
Your brain doesn’t get a day off, and it’s working every moment of every day. So take care of your mind and your body, it’s the only one you have. The combination of yoga and meditation together can bring your life to bliss and tranquility.

Practice integrating your physical, emotional and intellectual intelligence.
It’s having the ability to create balance and gauge your thoughts in the most constructive way for a happier, healthier you!
Celebrate “You”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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