You Have a Voice

Do you have something to say but not quite sure how to say it? Are there times when you feel that you have much to say, and you say nothing at all? Why do you think that is? Are you worried what others may think about your opinion? Are you intimidated by criticism? I know this may seem like a lot of questions, but there are many more to ask. I will leave it at these few… I think you get the point!

When you hold back from speaking your mind; frustration and confusion sets in; not only for you, but for others. You may miss out on an important opportunity to say something that needs to be heard.

Being able to speak your mind, and voice your opinion in a manner that is not harmful or hurtful to someone else is called “Moral Courage”. Knowing what to say, and how to say it.

You shouldn’t hold onto and carry the burden of something that may so easily clear up a misunderstanding; simply by sounding your voice. Are you suppressing your voice and carrying more than you are comfortable with? Do you fear confrontation? Holding back can cause situations to escalate. Choose to communicate. Your voice could make a difference in someone else’s life.

Always be mindful and empathetic when speaking with someone; that will help create a more productive conversation. The listener will hear what you have to say, whether they agree with you or not, that’s irrelevant, but you will be heard.

When you speak from your heart; releasing and expressing your emotions; it clears congestion. It allows others to experience and know who you are and shows your real character. Your words.. your expressions.. your feelings…belong to you and deserve to be heard.

Believe in yourself and don’t be concerned how others may perceive what you have to say. Don’t be silent… you have a voice and your voice matters!

Share what’s truly in your heart.
You have a voice use it!
Let your heart speak

~ Jill Lee ~

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