Your Creative Mind Energy

There is creative energy in your mind that can help you break out of mundane thinking habits in your life; as you know it. As humans, we all have this prodigious energy within our minds, so often untapped. It’s there, however; the energy lies dormant, as we are so often consumed with everyday rituals and activities. We meet our daily challenges and most often move through them with the knowledge we have first hand. But what happens when you go beyond your immediate thoughts? What happens when you think outside the box?

We seem to be comfortable with our general thinking patterns because that’s how we’ve been taught, and it’s by repetition or habit, we resolve most conflicts.

When your mind is on overload and you are multitasking; when you are consumed with a heavy workload and no time to “think”, you limit or deplete your creative mind energy. You’ll find yourself reacting to situations, rather than responding to them, or making hasty decisions, simply due to the lack of time; compromising the outcome.

Slow down, reflect, and see things beyond as they are and begin to use your creative mind energy. It helps you break those stagnate behavior patterns of thought. You then stimulate and ignite movement in your mind, noticing an abundance of possibilities.You don’t need to limit yourself to what you already know. By changing the flow of energy, you cultivate and expand your mind.

Don’t underestimate the power of “thought”. Watch, as your creative energy stimulates and ignites your mind movement and maximizes your potential. Creative energy can propel you to places you never anticipated and beyond.

Don’t underestimate the power of those emotional events in your life
Creative mind energy helps you to think with passion; outside the box
It’s your creative stimulation that ignites mindful movement

~ Jill Lee ~

6 thoughts on “Your Creative Mind Energy

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      You are so very welcome Tara,
      I am so glad you found some inspiration in this week’s post.
      May you continue to let your creative energy flow ~

      Warmest Regards,

    • Pricsilliano Reply

      Jul02whistlingypsy Hi Jill, it is good to hear from you again; you have been missed. I hope all is well with you and your famliy, and I look forward to reading your posts in the future (and I suspect Buster is waiting patiently, too).

      • Jill Lee Post author

        Dear Pricilliano,
        So happy you are reading my posts ~ I hope you will continue to enjoy them.

        Warmest Regards,

  1. Vinod Reply

    Let me try on your suggestion
    Shall revert with experience.
    Thanks a lot

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