Your Euphoric Energy

Have you ever felt a burst or rush of energy running through your body, bringing you to a state of intense excitement or happiness….a state of total bliss or euphoria? It’s all part an invisible force of energy, much like an electrical current that circulates throughout your body, giving you a feeling; quite the opposite of relaxation. These fields of vital energy play a significant role and influence your well-being.

We are all beings of energetic anatomy, which is beyond our physical or subtle anatomy. These energy channels that run throughout your body fluctuate, based on your emotional, physical, and mental expressions.

We all have the need to feel balanced, and when you neglect your self-expression, these energy fields become blocked. That’s when stress, frustration, anger, depression, even physical illness can set in and we are no longer able feel euphoria, rather, you are in a state of anhedonia.

Your expressions bring about emotions that lead to transformations of self, opening your heart space. By being conscious of these expressions, feeling your feelings, channeling and releasing your blocked energy, you can create a life well balanced and harmonized within your mind, body and spirit. .

Tune into your expressions that are beyond your physical anatomy and beyond your physical being. Live above your fears, above your appearances, and beyond judgment. Be your authentic self, and know that your euphoric energy creates the most beautiful feelings in the world. Shift, ignite and release this energy, as it will trump and make anything negative seem insignificant.

Next week we will explore natural ways for you to unlock, open, release and rebalance your vital energy.


Pay attention ~ be mindful of this euphoric energy ~ it will bring you to a state of knowing ~ bringing balance and harmony to your life ~

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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