Cleanse Your Soul ~

For most of us, when we hear the word “cleanse,” we think of cleaning,
and this is absolutely correct. Clean our home or office, our car, our
clothes, the dishes, and even our body. All things that get dirty, all
things physical. Now – let me ask you – how often do you stop and
think about cleansing your soul?

Just as dirt, dust, and grime can attach itself to those mentioned above
physical things, the same happens to our souls. No – not dirt and grime
perse, let me explain.

Often we can find ourselves faced with tough decisions or choices,
which can bring upon stress, worry, and anxiety. There are times
when these are adverse reaction can affect our perception and
response to life situations. We may be in the company of those who
exude negative energy. What we read, hear, and watch on television,
radio, or social media also play a role in how we feel… and when
negativity sets in… our soul absorbs this energy like a sponge. It all
becomes toxic to our well-being. You may not notice or realize this
right away, but believe me, it’s there. Those feelings of fear, guilt,
frustration, and even immediacy set in, which begins to stifle your
decision making, resulting in losing your inner balance, clarity, and

This post is a brief excerpt from my new book ~ soon to be released ~ “Loving Yourself Healthy”

“Challenge your interpretation and re-evaluate your perception of
life situations – Seeing possibilities for other ways of reacting to our
interpretations of these situations – can change our interpretations
themselves – and can thereby alter our reality” ~
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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