Mind and Body Balance – Part Two

Last week we spoke about where you may be storing tension in your body. Your thoughts can cause some of the aches and pains you may be experiencing in your physical body; in other words, your mind and body are connected; how you think can affect how you feel, and how your feel, can affect how you think.

We don’t always know where we hold our tension until our body sends us a message. Oh yes ~ “My shoulders are tight”, “My neck hurts”, “I have a headache” or “My jaw is sore”. These are all messages alerting you that something isn’t right. You may not even realize that you are storing this tension. Perhaps this is when you begin to calm and quiet your mind so you can relax your body. This is when you become aware of where this tension may be stored; this is when you are attuned to your body’s sensations.

In addition to any mind stress or pressure that you may be experiencing, listed below are a few other habits to be mindful of, that may also contribute to you storing body tension:

Be aware of your posture, while sitting, standing, or walking.
• Do you constantly look down at your mobile device?
• Do you grit or grind your teeth?
• Do you move your body enough?
• How do you hold your phone, while in use?
• Do you squint, tensing your eyes and forehead while reading?
All of the actions listed above can also contribute to body tension.

To relieve this tension that we carry, we must be able to know and understand the root of where it starts. Only then can you relax and begin to create a balance for your mind and body. Where do your thoughts take you?
Listed below are a few ways to quiet the mind so that you can begin to release any stored tension. You must “feel” the tension in order to release it.

Touching and massaging the particular body part that holds tension
• Stretching and exercising; keeping your body mobile and flexible, gaining freedom of movement
• While being still, flex the tensed muscle, then relax the muscle mentally, allowing the muscles to relax naturally, melting the tension away
• A warm bath, shower, or compress will soothe the mind and body
• Sleep and rest are essential (helps with healing the mind and body)
Breathing exercises (here is the link to assist you with “Belly Breathing”) http://www.lifecoachwithheart.com/the-importance-of-conscious-breathing/

Although meditation and breathing exercises are listed last on this list, they’re probably the most important.  ** A recent Harvard study found that the physiological response from meditation, tai chi, and breathing exercises can counteract cellular damage from stress.
It’s meditation and breath that quiets the mind; as it’s your mental state of being that can drive and direct this body tension.

Become aware and know that your muscles mirror your daily activities. Know where your thoughts are taking you. Make the time to find “calm” and “comfort” in your surroundings. Place yourself in surroundings that bring you “calm” and comfort” This will allow you to move throughout your day with ease, bringing balance and harmony to your mind and body.

“Relax the mind ~ the body will follow”

. ~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

Consult your primary care physician or a chiropractor for any medical related advice

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